Company History
 1988: founded as a Sino-US joint venture;

1992: power transistor assembly line in operation;

1997: 4" power transistor wafer fab in operation;

1998: ISO9002 certified;

2000: awarded High-tech Company of Shenzhen;

2001: ISO9001 certified;

2002: awarded Company with the Greatest Growth Potential of Shenzhen, China;

2004: 5" power IC wafer fab in operation in Longgang High-tech Industrial Park, land area more than 100,000 square meters;

2008: mass production of MOS;

2009: awarded State High-tech Enterprise;

2010: Named as the Nation's Demonstration Project of HI-tech Industrialization; Ownership restructuring completed;

2013: awarded Top 100 Enterprises of Shenzhen in Quality; 76 patent applications submitted, among which 11 invention patents and 49 practical new-type patents been granted;

2015: listed in the New OTC Market.


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